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Focus on Impact

At SVR Global we have groomed our employees to assess & self introspect their work to recognise their mistakes before imparting its adverse impacts on our buyers or manufacturers. Our constant focus is on a simple principle of solving issues & problems rapidly as we discover them which results in increasing the sense of awareness among our employees resulting in minimizing errors in prospect.


Be Bold

We believe in allowing our employees to stay motivated rather than giving them motivational speeches that don't usually work in today's high work pressure work conditions. By allowing them to maximize their individual contribution and mutual growth with the company, we axiomatically enable our employees to grow into being bold in nature. That's how we successfully effectuate our company's principle of "The riskiest thing is taking no risks". We allow ourselves to willingly take risks enthusiastically without using many contingency plans.


Move Fast

We have a saying, "Move Fast and Break Things" Moving fast is the need of the hour in today's world, this also results in overlooking the errors and various imperfections incurred as we try to make things easy and fast. At SVR, moving fast means breaking things down by perfect allocation of work, dividing the work load efficiently among various individuals in different groups. This enables us to maximize the individual contribution of each employee and providing them the most conducive work environment for their mutual growth in sync with the company. This is how we believe in moving fast, systematic approach with minimum inaccuracies.