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Strainer Manufacturer in USA

A strainer valve is a pipe fitting that filters and strains liquid by separating it from solids using a connected metal, mesh, or wedge wire strainer. In pressured gas or liquid lines where minute amounts of particulates are anticipated with intermittent clean-outs, strainers are typically utilized. Plumbing devices called strainer filter extraneous material from pipelines. The versatility of strainers makes them essential to the health and security of the system they are utilized in. These valves make guarantee that numerous pieces of machinery, including pumps, water meters, and control valves, operate safely and durably. These are very simple to maintain and may be cleaned without disassembling them. Debris is prevented from moving farther down the line, where it can break a valve or have other negative effects, by capturing solids at precise locations in the pipeline.

• Y-Type Strainers
• Basket Strainers
• Duplex Strainers

• Oil and Gas Industry
• Mining Industry
• Water Treatment Industry
• Chemical Industry
• Paper and Pulp Industry
• Manufacturing Industry
• Automobile Industry

• Damage prevention for equipment farther down the line.
• Pre-filtration for further filtering techniques.
• The elimination of sand and debris from water sources.
• Preventing clogging of valves and pumps.
• Elimination of foreign material from heat exchanger cooling water.
• Process water filtration in industrial production.
• Hydraulic fluid filtration in large machines.
• Cleaning up debris from gas pipes.
• Seawater filtration in maritime industry.

• Simple to clean
• Prevents clogging
• Minimises downtime
• Environmentally friendly
• Lowers maintenance expenses

• Available materials: Carbon Steel, CF8, CF8M, CF3M, Cast Iron, SS304, SS316
• Class: 125 to 300
• Nominal Pressure: PN6 to PN25
• Size: ½” to 32”.
• Ends: Buttweld, Flanged, Socket weld, Threaded