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Electric Actuated Butterfly Valve

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Electric Actuated Butterfly Valve

SVR Global is a leading and reputed Electric Actuated Butterfly valve manufacturer in USA. An Electric actuated butterfly valve is a electrically actuated device. The operation of a butterfly valve is totally automatic due to the presence of an actuator. Butterfly that is controlled by electricity Valve management refers to the opening and closing of valves. They will provide either linear or motion control and will function with a variety of valves, including ball and butterfly valves. Electrical valve actuators respond to commands via remote management, device, or centralized method control systems, making them useful for managing systems that are difficult to attain or spread across a large area. method management systems will use a centralized system to control electrical actuators and transmit regular and pre-programmed commands, allowing businesses to adjust the system and increase response. A disc is joined to the rod in this sort of valve. The fluid can pass through the valve because of this disc. The body, disc, stem, and seal are the main components of a butterfly valve. It is employed in a variety of industries, including the chemical, food processing, and pharmaceutical industries, as well as steam and fire services.

•Oil & gas
•Food and beverage
•Technical gases

Electric Actuated Butterfly Valve Standards

Types of Butterfly Valve:
•Zero Offset Butterfly Valves
•Double Offset Butterfly Valves
•Triple Offset Butterfly Valves
•Metal seated Butterfly valve

Advantages of Electric Actuated Butterfly Valve
• It’s quick, easy, and labor-saving, with low fluid resistance. It is frequently used.
• Compact dimensions, simple structure, and light weight.
• It can provide a decent seal when depressed.
• The performance of the modification is really clever.

Why choose us?
SVR Global employs qualified engineers to deliver high-quality, cost-effective products to our clients. We can better grasp our clients’ technological needs because we have an engineering-based team. We invest extra time, money, and effort into ensuring that our valves can resist harsh environments. We also make valves that are made to order. Our goal is to provide our customers with defect-free valves. Our valves are custom-made to fulfil the needs of a variety of industries.
Available Materials: Ductile iron, Cast iron, Monel, WCB, WCC, WC6, LCB, LCC, SS306, SS904, SS316, F55, F51, F53
Size: 2” to 72”
Class: 150 to 300
Nominal Pressure: PN6 to PN25
Ends: Flanged, Wafer, Lug