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Forged Steel Check Valve

Forged Steel Check Valve Manufacturer

Forged steel is made by alloying iron and carbon under great pressure. Compared to other processed steels, forged steel has reduced surface porosity, a finer grain structure, higher tensile and fatigue strength, and greater ductility.
Steel becomes ductile and malleable when heated to forging temperature, allowing it to be shaped into the desired shape with force and pressure. We can shape a permanent steel item without it cracking by using our processing technologies and steel forging.

Check valve made of forging steel Valves are small, strong, and well-suited to high-pressure and high-temperature applications. These are one-way non-return valves. The body is made of forged steel and comes in two different port designs: full and standard. On top of the body is a forged steel lid. Check valves are the best product in the industry for preventing the reverse flow of gas, fluid, and air in the event of a brake failure. The liquid flow is starts and stops using these self-activating relied valves. Check valves are primarily used in the industrial and water service industries. Check valves are available on our website with a choice of different components. Check valve is the two port valve, it means they have two openings in the same body, one port is for fluid entrance and other port is for fluid to leave. There are many types of check valves which are used in a wide variety of applications. These self-activating valves are used to start and stop the liquid flow. These kinds of valves are basically used in industrial purpose and water services.

Features of Forged steel check valve
• Enhanced durability
• Resistant against corrosion
• Easy installation

• Power plant
• Process industry
• Petrochemical
• Refinery
• Steel plant
• General industry
• Sugar industry

• Prevents backflow
• Maintains pressure
• Are used horizontally as well as vertically
• allows a full and unobstructed flow
• low cost

Body Material- Cast Iron and Cast Steel (LF2, A216, WCB, WCC, LCB, LCC, WC6, WC9), Ductile Iron, Stainless Steel [SS316, SS304, SS316L, SS904L, CF8, CF8M, F304, F316, F31L, F91), DUPLEX AND Super duplex STEEL [ F51, F53,F55 ] Forged Steel A105, A105N, F11, F22, F304, F316, F91] , Alloy20 , Hastelloy ALBR.
Size- ½” – 80”
Class-150 – 2500; PN10 – PN-450
Ends-threaded, socket weld, butt weld, flanged, lug, wafer