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Ball Valve

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A Ball Valve is a shut-off valve that rotates a ball with a bore inside it to permit, restrict, and control the flow of liquids, gases, and vapors in a pipe system. The shaft that connects the ball to the operational and controlling mechanism that rotates the ball is mounted against two seats. The fluid is not allowed to pass through the valve when the cross-section of the bore is perpendicular to the area of the flow. The area of the bore that is exposed to the floor determines how much fluid flows through the valve and at what pace. They can be turned manually, with the aid of an actuator, a wrench, or a lever that is manually turned by the operator. To open or close the valve, torque is exerted to move the lever arm by 90 degrees in either a clockwise or counterclockwise direction. The valve is open if the lever arm is perpendicular to the pipe. A closed valve is indicated by the lever arm being perpendicular to the pipe. To meet varied industrial applications, it is available in a variety of designs and characteristics. Depending on the industry in which this valve is used, different norms and specifications apply.


• Full port ball valve
• Forged Ball Valve
• Reduced port ball valve
• Floating ball valve
• Trunnion ball valve
• Top entry ball valve
• Multi-port ball valve
• V-port ball valve
• Three-way ball valve


• Natural Gas Industries
• Manufacturing Sectors
• Chemical Storage Industries
• Oil & Gas Industries
• Textile Industries
• Mining Industries
• Marine Industries


• Oil and gas
• Chemical processing
• Water and wastewater treatment
• Power generation
• Pulp and paper
• Marine and offshore
• Aerospace


• These valves are made using a forging process that results in a stronger and more durable valve compared to those made using casting or machining methods.
• These valves can be made from a range of materials that offer excellent corrosion resistance, including stainless steel, alloy steel, and other exotic alloys.
• These valves provide precise flow control by rotating the ball to either block or allow flow through the valve.
• These valves are easy to operate and require minimal maintenance, making them a popular choice in a wide range of applications.
• Quick opening and closing of valves.


• Body Material: Cast iron, WCB, WCC, WC6, LCC, LCB, Titanium, SS304, SS316, CF8, CF8M, F55, F51, F53, Monel, Ductile Iron.
• Class: 150-2500, PN10-PN450
• Size: DN15-DN1200
• Operations: Lever operated, electric actuated, pneumatic actuated, gear operated
• Ends: threaded, socket-weld, flanged, buttweld