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SVR Global energy solutions are highly focused to deliver solutions through ‘Bearing Housings’ that are specially designed for the energy sector.

Energy sector is one of the most demanding in nature for multiple reasons which include the growing production demands and challenging circumstances under which the power generation happens. Though there are many modern concepts and advanced resources, coal plants are highly effective and relevant for the bulk energy production and subsequent power generation. Coal fired power plants, as they are referred to require robust and highly durable equipment to scale up to the production demands. Our engineering technology has been maturing to deliver solutions to this sector which also has been maturing in terms of its production process and techniques. We exhibit high levels of adaptability to match with the industry expectations and assist in every aspect of power production, irrespective of limitations we encounter.

The Bearing products manufactured by SVR are highly durable and scalable to achieve sustainability of any robust power generation process. Coal based power plants operate in crucial environments.
Critical climatic conditions, challenging extract processes and procurement difficulties might further hamper the smooth functioning of these plants. Under these circumstances the quality of the ‘bearing housings’ really matter and we at SVR ensure that our manufactured equipment is of globally standards and made for longer sustainability.
Matching up with the expectation of our clients with various proprieties, we deliver solutions that are often exclusively designed. Our approach towards specific requirements of the industry gives us the advantage and we take pride in designing and delivering solutions which are tailor-made.

Downtime is another crucial aspect of power production for the energy companies. There is always an advisable downtime for periodic maintenance which helps the heavy machinery to recover from the wear and tear of the mechanical processes. The down time due to mechanical failure is quite damaging and significantly slows down the productivity. Our high quality ‘bearing housings’ are among the most trusted bearing solutions for the energy sector and we continue to enhance the customer experience through innovative engineering processes.

Considering the aspects of safety and ecological balance, we devise our systems and operating procedures. Environmental sustainability and responsible industrial production have always been our core objectives besides delivering value based services and solutions.