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Mining Industry

Mining industry is a type of industry that is involved in extraction of minerals and other materials from the ground. The extracted materials are then transformed into minerals which can be economically beneficial. Valves are used in mining industries to control the flow of mineral fuel, Non-Ferrous metals, Precious Metals and Industrial Minerals.

Following are the valves that can be used in Mining Industries:

  • Slurry Knife Gate Valve: Slurry Knife Gate valves are mostly used in Mining Industry since they are very good in handling complex materials.
  • Ball Valve: Ball valves can be used for regulation purposes rather than on off purposes.
  • Check Valve: Check valve can be used in industries where reverse flow should be prevented.
  • Control Valve: Control valve can be a great option for regulated the flow of medium in the Mining Industry.
  • Pinch Valve: Pinch valve is suitable to work with less complex mediums in a Mining industry like the liquid metals, oil.

Our valves give the following benefits:

  • Improved valve performance in metals and mineral mining and processing
  • Less unscheduled maintenance downtime
  • Improved plant performance and pipeline dependability
  • Operator safety

We have a track record of delivering globally acknowledged solutions to mining firms is based by in-depth knowledge and understanding of the whole mining process. Our products are specifically created to meet the needs and priorities of the mining industry, effectively assisting in the key mining activities. Our products’ identities have been built around Reliability and Durability, which stand out as key differentiators, while Quality standards are up to level with global benchmarks.