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Power and Energy Industry

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Power and Energy Industry

The power and energy industry includes a variety of industries such as fuel, petroleum, gas, coal, and nuclear power. The Power Generation Industry is involved in the process if generation, transmission, distribution and the sale of electric power to industries and the general public. Power and energy are two critical inputs for economic growth and improved living standards. The government is responsible for developing conventional kinds of energy to meet society’s expanding energy needs at a fair cost. This section examines the country’s growth in both conventional and non-conventional energy sources. It is necessary to have consistent production and consumption in this business in order to have an increase in the economy. Valves can also be used in Fossil fueled power plant, combined heat and power plant and waste to energy plant.

Which industries come under Power and Energy?

  • Gas Turbine
  • Gasification
  • Geothermal
  • Steam Turbine
  • Waste to Energy

Which valves are used in Power and energy?

  • Pressure Seal Gate Valve: Pressure Seal Gate valves are used in this type of industry to reduce erosion, friction and pressure drop which results in efficient functioning of the valve.
  • Pressure Seal Globe Valve: The Pressure seal globe valves are most effective when it comes to Power Generation. Comparing to other valves the pressure seal globe valve requires less maintenance.
  • Dual Plate Check Valve: Dual Plate check valves can be used when the plant needs to be adapted to the sudden changes in the flow.
  • Swing Check Valve: Swing check valves are the best choice to protect the system from any damages that occur due to reverse flow of the medium.
  • Metal Seated Ball Valve: Metal Seated Ball Valves has good shutoff capacity than other valves, they can be the best choice and they also require less maintenance.
  • Double Eccentric Butterfly Valve and Triple Eccentric Butterfly Valve: Double eccentric and Triple Eccentric Butterfly Valves are available in lesser weight when compared to other valves and they also reduce friction.

Why choose us?

When it comes to safe and cost-effectively delivering power while adhering to increasingly stringent environmental laws, we’ve got you covered. Our valves are designed to protect the vital equipment in your facilities and are suitable for a wide range of power generation applications, including control and on-off solutions. We can assist you in sizing and selecting the most reliable and ecologically friendly valve for each process. We provide intelligent technology to provide you with essential data for shutdown, turnaround, and safety decisions. We also provide the on-going assistance you need to ensure that your producing plant operates at peak availability throughout its full life cycle.