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Double Offset Butterfly Valve

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Double Offset Butterfly Valve

SVR Global excels as the leading Double Offset Butterfly Valve Manufacturer in the USA, It provides enhanced performance in terms of sealing, durability, and flow control. The double offset design minimizes the contact area between the disc and the seat during operation, the double offset configuration can result in reduced torque requirements for opening and closing the valve. This makes actuation more efficient, especially in larger sizes and higher-pressure applications.

Double Offset Butterfly Valves are designed for high-temperature, high pressure and application where tight shut off is crucial. They are operated manually with hand-lever and gear, which allow easy installation in different piping solution

They are Commonly used where precise control, tight shut-off, and resistance to high pressures and temperatures are crucial,
● Oil and Gas Industry
● Power Generation
● Water Treatment Plants
● Chemical Processing
● Steel Manufacturing

Material: cast iron, ductile iron, stainless steel (SS304, SS316, F304, F316, CF8, CF8M, SS316L, SS409L), carbon steel, duplex steel.
Class: PN10 to PN100, ANSI 150 to 600
End Connection: wafer, lug, flanged
Size: 2″ to 72”
Operations: electric actuated, pneumatic actuated, handwheel, gear operated