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Chemical Industry

Although the chemical industry has been since the Industrial Revolution, it has never been as... more


Energy Industry

SVR Global energy solutions are highly focused to deliver solutions through ‘Bearing Housings’ that are... more


Automobile Industry

SVR address the demand for quality Chemical supplies, especially the metal products which are very... more


Mining Industry

Mining industry is a type of industry that is involved in extraction of minerals and... more


Oil and Gas Industry

Oil and Gas industry is a type of industry that produces substances like crude oil... more

Water and Waste water treatment plants Industry

SVR Global provides Wastewater and water treatment plant solutions that can resist even the harshest... more

Petrochemical Industry

What is Petrochemical Industry? A Petrochemical Industry is an industry that produces products such as... more

Nuclear Power Plant Industry

About us SVR Worldwide valves are the clear choice for reliable nuclear service in the... more

Refinery Industry

In recent years, SVR Global has delivered valves to the refining industry in a number... more

Power and Energy Industry

The power and energy industry includes a variety of industries such as fuel, petroleum, gas,... more

Pulp ,Paper and Bioproducts Industry

Pulp, Paper and Bio Products: The Pulp and paper industry is involved in manufacturing paper... more

Marine Industry

SVR Global, a long-time maritime industry partner, which offers a broad and adaptable variety of... more

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