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Trunnion Ball Valve

SVR Global is the best Trunnion Ball Valve manufacturer in USA. Trunnion ball valve is available in a range of styles and sizes, depending on the needs of the consumer. SVR Global is a major manufacturer of high-quality products, and the key to our success in the valves industry is our well-integrated work climate. Our infrastructure is spread out over a large region, with plenty of space for development.

Trunnion Ball Valve Manufacturer
Quarter turn valves, also known as trunnion ball valves, are used to start or halt the flow of media in a pipe. Trunnion ball valves are used to control the flow of media in pipes. A trunnion ball valve has a ball that is connected to the trunnion on one end and the stem on the other. Because the ball is permanently attached to the trunnion, it maintains a good seal on all sides and prevents the stem from receiving too much torque. As a result, a trunnion ball valve designed for higher pressures may seal better and turn with less torque. A trunnion ball valve’s ball is attached to the stem on one end and to the trunnion on the other.Because the ball is coupled to the trunnion, it is advantageous because it maintains a proper seal on both sides and prevents further tension from being applied to the stem. As a result, a trunnion ball valve for greater pressure applications can have better sealing and require less torque to turn. For every industrial application, our Trunnion ball valve is durable and dependable.

The ability to seal in two blocks is standard.
All parts that are subject to pressure have a full die-forged structure.
A flanged integral with a closing member is used in flanged valves.
Consistent tightness and minimal emissions are ensured with a high-quality stem gasket.
Materials and surface finish with low seat-ball friction for long service life and reliable sealing

It can be used for high or low pressure applications; however, the trunnion-mounted ball valve is better suited to high-pressure applications and has greater dimensions than the floating ball valve.
A trunnion normally comes with a drain or bleed connection, allowing it to be used as a dual safe device.
Lower running costs.

Types of trunnion ball valve
Forged trunnion ball valve.
Casting trunnion ball valve.

Application of Trunnion Ball Valve
Oil and gas industries.
Petrochemical industry.

Why Choose us?    
Trunnion ball valves come in a variety of shapes and sizes to suit the demands of the customer. SVR Global is a leading manufacturer of high-quality goods, and our well-integrated work environment is the secret to our success in the valves sector. Our infrastructure is dispersed throughout a vast area, with plenty of room for expansion. Our Trunnion ball valve is durable and dependable for any industrial application.

Types: Forged trunnion ball valve, Casting trunnion ball valve.
Body Material: Cast steel (WCB, WCC, WC6, LCC, LCB), Titanium, Stainless steel (SS316, SS304, F51, F55, CF8, CF8M).
Class: 150-2500, PN25 – PN450.
Size: 2” to 48”.
Ends: Buttweld Trunnion Ball Valve, Socket weld Trunnion Ball Valve, Threaded Trunnion Ball Valve, Flanged Trunnion Ball Valve.
Operations: Handwheel Operated, Gear Operated, Electric Actuated.