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Balanced Bellow Seal Safety Valve

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Balanced Bellow Seal Safety Valve

SVR Global is one of the best Bellow Sealed valve manufacturer in USA with strong R&D and customer support. A bellow-sealed Safety Valve is used to protect moveable parts and springs from the effects of fluids. Back pressure affects are controlled for in the bellow design. A balanced bellow valve is intended to prevent fluid from entering the bonnet region and entering the atmosphere. This type of valve is typically employed in critical applications that require only a small amount of set pressure or blowdown. When there is a back pressure greater than Set Pressure, extremely corrosive toxic vapors, or high temperature fluids such as thermic fluid, a bellow sealed type safety relief valve is employed.
The structure of a Bellow Sealed valve is utilized to balance the pressure. The Valve is constructed with bellows rather than stuffing boxes, as is the case with all other valves. Bellow sealed valves prevent fluid leaking to the atmosphere and are commonly used in pipelines with zero leakage. Because the valve is entirely closed, the seal prevents leaking. This valve is designed for pipelines that carry steam, flammable, explosive, or hazardous media. This sort of valve does not require a flow rate that is fully open or fully closed. Even if the bellows are broken, this valve may resist leaking due to valve system packing because of its structure.
The main benefit of the Bellow Sealed Valve is that it prevents fluid loss, which improves the security of the equipment in which it is employed. This valve has a long operational life and requires little maintenance. We are primarily concerned with achieving complete customer loyalty through the provision of high-quality industrial valves.

Advantages of Safety Valve:
•Prevent back-flow
•Able to endure high& low pressure
•Acts fast
•Does not require power to operate
•Reduces sudden valve failure

Industries which use safety valves
•Petrol gas& oil industries
•air pumps
•food &beverages
•Aircraft hydraulic systems
•Irrigation System
•fuel pump
•heating boilers

We at SVR Global ensure that our customers get only the best quality valves which is defect-free.

Available materials: WCB, WC6, SS304, SS316, F55, F11, F51, F91, LCC, LCB, WCC
Ends: Flanged, Buttweld, Socket weld, Threaded
Class: 150 to 2500
Nominal Pressure: PN25 to PN450
Size: 1/2” to 64”
Operations: Handwheel, Electric Actuated and Pneumatic Actuated.