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Forged Steel Globe Valve

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Forged Steel Globe Valve

Forged steel is a substance made by combining iron and carbon under intense pressure. In comparison to other processed steels, forged steel has reduced surface porosity, a finer grain structure, higher tensile and fatigue strength, and greater ductility. When steel is heated to forging temperature, it becomes ductile and malleable, which allows it to be moulded into the desired shape with force and pressure. We can shape a permanent steel item without it cracking using our processing processes and steel forging.

Forged Steel Globe Valve Manufacturer
Forged steel globe valve is a most common type of valve. It’s so popular because the friction between the sealing surfaces is less during opening and shutting, it’s more durable, and the opening height isn’t excessive. Forged steel globe valves can handle medium and low pressures, as well as high pressures. Its closing concept is that the sealing surface of the disc and the sealing surface of the valve seat are closely attached to prevent the medium from flowing by depending on the pressure of the stem. The media can only flow in one direction through the forged steel globe valve, which is directed during installation.
The forging steel globe valve has a longer construction than the forged steel gate valve, but the fluid resistance is higher and the seal dependability is lower when used for a long time. For industrial applications, forged steel globe valves are fabricated to API, ANSI, and ASME standards.
Compact and durable, forged steel globe valves are suited for high pressure and high temperature applications.

Application of Forged Steel Check Valve

• Boiler circulation
• Boiler feed system
• Cooling water and condensate
• Energy
• Industry
• Oil/Gas
• Petrochemical
• Pipelines and tanks
• Refineries
• Power station

Advantages of globe valve:
• Good throttling and shutoff capabilities.
• Globe valves are easy to maintain and resurface the seats
• Fast operation
• Easy to use or resurface the seats
• Without disc can be used as a stop-check valve

Body material: Cast Iron, Cast steel [A216 WCB, WCC, LCB, LCC, WC6, WC9), Ductile Iron, Stainless Steel [SS316, SS304, SS316L, SS904L, CF8, CF8M, F304, F316, F31L, F51, F3, F55, F91]
Class: 150 – 2500; PN10 – PN 450
Size: DN 10 – DN 1200
Ends: Butt weld, Flanged, threaded, socket weld
Operations-: Hand-wheel operated, Pneumatic actuated, Electric actuated, Gear operated