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Electric Actuated Valve

Electric Actuated Valve Manufacturer in USA

Electric actuated valves control the opening and closing of valves. In order to open, close, or modify a matching valve, electric actuators incorporate motors that can convert electricity in either a linear or rotating motion. A quarter-turn electric actuator, for instance, will rotate the valve’s mechanism 90 degrees, opening it fully. Different electric actuators regulate different sorts of movement. A motor drive that provides torque to operate the valve, these actuators are frequently used on multi-turn valves such as gate or globe and also on ball, plug and other quarter-turn valves. Valves are opened and closed under the control of electric valve actuators. They may operate with many valve types, including as ball and butterfly valves, and can deliver either linear or rotary motion. These actuators are vital for managing systems that are difficult to access or dispersed over a vast region because they respond to commands through remote control or centralized process control systems. Organizations can automate the system and increase dependability by using process control systems to control electric actuators from a centralized system to provide scheduled and programmed commands. It’s crucial to select an electric valve actuator that operates at the proper voltage for the system at your facility.

• Gate Valve
• Globe Valve
• Butterfly Valve
• Ball Valve
• Plug Valve

• Mining
• Chemical
• Textile
• Power Industries
• Boiler industries
• Pulp and paper plants
• Oil and gas

• Water and wastewater treatment plants
• Industrial processes
• Chemical and petrochemical plants
• Building automation

• Tight shutoff
• High flow capacity
• Simple design
• Provides tight seal service being an electric operated valve
• Low failure Rate
• Increased efficiency
• Precise control
• Consistent control

• Materials: CF8M, CF8, SS316, CF3M, WCB, and Stainless steel(SS304,SS316,CF8M, SS316L, SS904L).
• Class: 150 to 2500
• Size: ½’’ to 80’’
• Pressure : PN6- PN450
• End Connections: Butt weld, Threaded, Wafer, Lug, Flanged, Socket weld
• Operation: Electric Actuator.

Electric actuator details
• Torque 3 – 9 nm
• Operating pressure- 8 Bar
• Port Connection-NPT1.4”
• Mounting Base-ISO5211
• Temperature–20°C – +80°C